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Why Should I Join the Guild?

NZWG membership is your entry to the New Zealand industry. We can provide the information, support and advice you need to further your career. We have the knowledge that comes from over thirty years of working for writers in the New Zealand industry.

We are also a part of the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds (IAWG), meaning we are always up to date with international trends and developments.

The NZWG exists to support writers. Membership of the NZWG enables you to increase the bargaining power and standing of all script writers and, therefore, your own power.

The NZWG boasts over 400 members, including almost all the professional script writers working in New Zealand. If you are serious about script writing you need to become a member.

Membership Benefits

See the list of NZWG Services for some of the benefits of belonging.

NZWG Members receive free legal advice on contracts within the screen industry, advice on recommended rates of pay for scriptwriters, the weekly e-bulletin via email, access to the NZWG library and reduced rates on registration and access to a script reader (assessment) service. Membership gains you member rates to workshops and discounts to other industry events. Your membership card will also entitle you to a variety of discounts with bookstores, theatres, film festivals and lots more.

Full members are also eligible to advertise in our Find a Writer section.

Types & Cost of Membership

Not sure about which membership type you are? Check here for a fuller explanation!

Full – a writer with at least 50 minutes of produced script writing credits.
Associate – a writer who has yet to have their script writing produced.
Associate Unwaged – a writer who has yet to have script writing produced, who is currently unwaged or a student (copy of current Community Services card/Student ID required).
Institutional Membership – recognised NZ tertiary undergraduate or postgraduate scriptwriting courses may join their staff and students via this category (see more here)

New Membership

Joining Fee $60 + Annual Fee in appropriate category (see below)
The joining fee is an administration fee and is paid only once (in addition to the annual sub) provided continuous membership is then maintained.

Annual Membership Subscription Fees

Associate $130
Associate Unwaged $99
Full Categories:
Full Membership C (Income from screenwriting in previous year under $10,000) $180
Full Membership B (Income from screenwriting in previous year $10,001 – $30,000) $230
Full Membership A (Income from screenwriting in previous year $30,001+) $280
Full Membership A+ (Income from screenwriting in previous year $50,001+) $400
Full Membership Long Service (Long standing members – in retirement – who wish to maintain contact with & support for the Guild) $99

Pro-rata New Member Fees – no long applicable

From 2015 the NZWG offers a full year membership for all joining members. Past pro-rata payment options are no longer applicable. Your renewal (anniversary) date will be the end of the month you join (e.g. join on January 23rd 2015, your renewal date will be January 31 2016)


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