Desklife – workplace health

The place where NZWG shares pearls of wisdom for staying healthy while working all day at a desk!

The Basics NZWG style:

  1. Set up right – get your work area, whatever kind it is, set up correctly (here’s one guide & another)
  2. Move – as often as you can (ideally 1 min/20 mins) from your seat
  3. Look Around – drag your eyes from the screen and gaze, further afield, at something real for the sake of your eyes
    Keep up-to-date with eye checks & prescription for glasses if you wear ’em. Make use of the many low cost glasses suppliers now online.
  4. Stretch
    1. During the work day minimum do some at your chair and while you’re up moving
      (one fave is to stand dunce-style, close-facing, in a corner with outstretched arms at shoulder height [pretend you’re an albatross!],
      lean in to the wall to create a gentle arm & pectoral stretch of both sides at once. Boom.)
    2. After work stretch opposite to desk-sitting posture Yoga 12 / Yoga 8 / Yoga 5 /Bodywork Desk Ergonomics

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