Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to membership of the NZWG – here some of the most popular:

See a list of our CORE SERVICES

Face to Face (literal or virtual) Benefits

To book a Career Specific Discussion (e.g. a specific project)


to have a “Career Checklist” checkupĀ (essentially a discussion to check you are on track in your career &/or project)

Email for an appointment or time to talk by phone: contact the Executive Director of the Guild, Alice Shearman

FULL MEMBERS are entitled to ongoing advice and contracting (chain of title, etc…) assistance.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are entitled to one Career Checklist and one hour of contracting advice (more by consultation with the Executive Director, with an upgrade to Full Membership)

Other Popular Benefits

NZWG Card Discounts

Legal Advice



Rates and Funding

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