Script Reader / Assessment Service


Most screenwriters in this country have one thing in common: we are pretty broke.

That said, decent, usable feedback is vital for the development of a script and so worth investing in.

The intention of the NZWG Reader Service is to provide prompt, professional, affordable and constructive script assessment for scriptwriters developing their own projects.

This service is administered by the NZWG and is available to NZWG members only. This is feedback by professional script assesors, for writers. This is strictly for scripts to which the writer retains the rights to.

We have a strong team of experienced assessors who are all keen and ready for your scripts.


Cost per script: $320 +gst = $368 

Short Form (short film or treatment): $220 +gst = $250

Script Assessment Online payment
(NB: This is well below industry standard rates and we are lucky that assessors are willing to work for this fee in support of the NZWG to advance the professional standards of writers.)


Turn-a-round time: We aim for a turn-around of three weeks from date of payment or submission of material (whichever is later). We will attempt to improve on this where possible. The NZWG will communicate where a delay locating a suitable assessor is anticipated. The writer may withdraw the assessment request and receive a refund up until the time the script is passed on to the assessor.

More details on the Downloadable Coversheet

STEP BY STEP How-to-Process

  1. Place an Online Order  Script Assessment Online payment
  2. Download & Complete 2016 Script Assessment Coversheet
    *to fill in PDF electronically on your computer
    (i.e. in place of: print + complete by hand + scan to file)

      1. Open PDF in Adobe Reader
        [Get Adobe® Reader® FREE software]
      2. Text Comment Tool – Locate: Comments (top right hand side, menu tab)  > Annotations (panel) > Add Text comment (‘T’ icon, tool)
      3. Click & type – click over an area to add text, the cursor will be ready to type.
        NB The text may not sit exactly where it should but it will be serviceable!
  3. Check Script Format — ensure your script has no identifying information on it. You can submit the script by email but NB: Some Assessors prefer a hard-copy, others are happy with a PDF, please ask if you wish to submit by email.
  4. Return Cover-Sheet & Script
    1. EMAIL email PDF Cover-Sheet to Guild HQ (2016 Script Assessment Coversheet)
      (email an e-copy of the script, too, but please see note at 3.)
      NZWG Script Assessment Service
      PO Box 47886
      Auckland 1144

Code by Michael Bao