Seed – Do’s and Don’ts

A little help applying for the NZWG Seed Grant…

  1. DO your Online Order first!
  2. DO read NZWG Seed Grants GUIDE
  3. DO email us with any questions once you’ve read the NZWG Seed Grants GUIDE
  4. DO follow the application checklist.
  5. DO ensure you include ONE copy of the Coversheet Materials, as follows (These are to establish your eligibility – they do not go to the Assessors):
    2. Writer CV (not an unrelated CV)
    3. Budget (costs that directly contribute to the production of a finished draft) with a total equal to the grant amount e.g.
      1. Writers Fee
      2. Overheads (such as: Accounting / Administrative salaries / Insurance / Legal / Rent / Utilities / Travel / Accommodation)
      3. Research Costs
      4. Childcare
      5. Consumables
    4. Plan
    5. Chain of Title
  6. DO send in THREE copies of the Assessment Materials, in this order, as follows:
    1. Logline
    2. Synopsis Paragraph
    3. Potential Audience Paragraph
    4. Treatment (5 pages)
    5. Screenplay Sample (10 pages)
  7. DO remove your name & details from the Assessment Materials
  8. DO remove any binding
  9. DO number the pages of Assessment Materials
  10. DO submit exactly the number of pages asked for i.e. 5 x treatment & 10 x script.
    (*These should be full pages with standard header/footer/margin size)
  11. DO call the Assessment Materials by their names e.g. ‘Logline’ not ‘One Liner’.
  1. DO NOT send in more supporting written material than is asked for.
  2. DO NOT send in a CD of music for the soundtrack for the script.
  3. DO NOT send in the full script or an example of a full length work.
  4. DO NOT include a Facebook friend request.
  5. DO NOT send a budget for the entire film.
  6. DO NOT bind your materials


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