Terms & Conditions


By signing up to New Zealand Writers Guild membership (“Membership”) or by purchasing any of the services (“Services”) or products (“Products”) of New Zealand Writers Guild (“NZWG”) you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”).

By signing up for Membership you are agreeing to be bound by the NZWG Constitution and all future amendments to same.

Membership and Services offered by NZWG under the Terms of Service include various items to further the professional interests of writers in the fields of film, television, theatre, radio, comics and new media in New Zealand.

Any new features which are added to the current Services shall be also subject to the Terms of Service. You can review the current version of the Terms of Service at any time at http://www.nzwg.org.nz/terms-conditions/.

The parties acknowledge and agree that neither this payment nor any of its terms or conditions shall be deemed to create a partnership, relationship of agency, a joint venture or an employee/employer relationship or that of a dependent contractor between the parties. The terms and conditions for each service or product, additional to membership, are specified in their application documentation.

NZWG reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service by posting updates and changes on the NZWG website (www.nzwg.org.nz). You are advised to check the Terms of Service and any documentation specific to each service or product for updates or changes that may impact you.

You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Terms of Service agreement and NZWG’s Privacy Policy before you may become a NZWG user.


The NZWG will never disclose any of your details to any third party without your explicit permission, other than where compelled to do so by law.


  1. Membership – A member may resign from membership of the NZWG at any time by making a request in writing. There is no financial penalty for resigning. Once membership subscription fees are paid no partial or entire refund will be made.
  1. Services – The terms and conditions for each service, additional to membership, are specified in the associated application form or coversheet. By purchasing any service and by submitting a signed and completed copy of any such form or coversheet, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the service, no refunds will be given for fees associated with a service.
  1. Products – Bookings for SWANZ awards entry may be cancelled without penalty up to 48 hours prior to the Awards.



  1. Rights of All Members – All members shall have the following rights:
    • To receive information about Guild activities, contracts, rates of pay and other professional advice and reasonable access to Guild services commensurate with their membership level and status;
    • To be notified of any intended changes to this Constitution;
    • To be consulted on the setting up of new legal entities by the Guild unless this information is commercially sensitive;
    • To be given reasonable opportunities to evaluate Guild services;
    • To have any grievance they have with the Guild, Guild staff or Board handled in line with the procedure set out in the relevant Guild policy statement.
      Provided that no member shall have a claim against the Guild, whether financial or otherwise, for any loss that they have experienced or believe they have experienced from any advice or information received from the Guild.
  1. Voting Rights – Only Full members shall have the right to vote at General Meetings or for elections held to determine key officers and the Board.
  2. Duties of Members – Every member is bound by this constitution and shall further the aims and objectives, interests and influence of the Guild. All members shall :
    • Accept commissions in written form only;
    • Enter into contracts containing terms and conditions no less favourable than those laid down in any Guild Minimum Basic Agreement covering the work involved irrespective of whether or not the contractee is a party to the Agreement;
    • Enter into no contract with an individual, company or organisation appearing on the Guild’s current strike list;
    • Refuse a credit which misrepresents the contribution made;
    • Abide by decisions of the Guild Board;
    • Behave in a manner likely to foster confidence, goodwill and unity within and towards the Guild and not engage in any activity that could be deemed detrimental to the reputation of the Guild.
  3. Termination of Guild Membership –
    • By Board – If a member knowingly breaches any of the conditions of clause 6(3) or if the Board considers that the member’s occupation is likely to prejudice that member’s attitude towards the Guild’s aims and objectives or that the member’s access to Guild information could frustrate the Guild in present or future negotiations or that the member’s deeds or actions have damaged the Guild in any way then the member may, at the discretion of the Board, have their membership terminated in accordance with the provisions of clause 6(5).
    • By Member – Any member may terminate their membership by one month’s notice in writing to the National Office and shall be accepted providing that all subscriptions owing to the date of termination have been paid.
  1. Process for Termination by Board –
    If the Board feels there is a case for termination of membership under clause 6(4)(a) the Board shall forward to the member a letter outlining the case for termination. If the member wishes to contest the termination the applicant shall have 15 working days to forward to the National Office a submission regarding the case. The Board shall meet to discuss the termination and the member shall have the opportunity to be heard in support of their submission. The Board shall then make a decision on the application. Any decision to terminate a membership shall require at least a two-thirds majority vote of the full Board. This decision will be final and there shall be no right of appeal from this decision. Any member terminated under this clause may reapply for membership no sooner than one year from the date of their termination. Re-admittance shall be solely at the discretion of the Board and shall require at least a two-thirds majority vote of the full Board.


Code by Michael Bao