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NZWG Recommended Screenwriting Rates Guide


Since 1976 the New Zealand Writers Guild – Puni Taatuhi o Aotearoa (NZWG) has advocated minimum rates and conditions for screenwriters for the writing of film, television, theatre, radio, and other forms of script-based writing. NZWG was the first organisation to negotiate a minimum agreement for scriptwriters in theatres, and in the 1980s negotiated minimum rates for screenwriters with television series minimum standard agreements.

The NZWG Rates Guide has been researched and updated based on current market rates and funding allocations. Containing recommended rates for feature film, television, web-series and radio. If you cannot find a rate for the type of work you are undertaking and you are a member of NZWG, you can contact NZWG for assistance.

Writers seeking information regarding rates for theatre and literary works should contact the following:

How to use the NZWG Rates Guide

This Guide has recommended rates for work on domestic (i.e., New Zealand funded) productions. Work on international productions should be at rates governed by those territories’ guilds and unions.

The amounts in this Guide offer a range, occasionally including minimums, and are based on the rates currently paid to our members. These rates are not currently enforceable. Experienced writers are encouraged to use these rates as a starting point for negotiation.


All rates and fees listed are exclusive of GST.

How to Get Advice

NZWG provides advice on recommended rates to all its members.

Email your request –

Phone your request – 09 360 1408

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