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Michael Hauge speaks with Kathryn Burnett
Michael Hauge speaks with Kathryn Burnett - NZWG
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The first in the series of NZWG Podcast features NZWG board member Kathryn Burnett speaking with renowned story expert, author and lecturer Micheal Hauge.

Kathryn and Michael discuss the art of developing scripts, including how to identify your goals within your scripts. Michael also highlights business mistakes writers make with their scripts and working with script consultants.  Pitching advice and selling your story are also illuminated.

Michael Hauge is in Auckland with his Story Mastery courses with the Romance Writers New Zealand Conference between 12-14 August, 2016.


Kathryn Burnett is a professional writer with over 20 years experience, ideation training facilitator and script consultant.

Information on Kathryn's writers workshops here.


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