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On 23 November 2018, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs announced the release of an Issues Paper on the Copyright Act review, signalling the first stage of public consultation on the copyright regime.

There have been significant technological changes since the last significant review of the Copyright Act in 2004, which impact the way we create, distribute and consume content. Insights into this environment were highlighted in the government’s study of the role of copyright and registered designs in the creative sector, completed in 2016.

The government is undertaking a review to ensure that our copyright regime continues to be fit for purpose.

The objectives for the review are to:

  • assess how well the Copyright Act 1994 is meeting our objectives for copyright

  • identify any barriers to achieving the objectives and how these affect creators, publishers, distributors, users and consumers

  • put together a plan to address any issues that we identify.

Issues Paper (out for consultation)

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