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New Seedlings Sown! Round 2 2018

Announcement - Seed & Seed Advanced Round 2 2018

The New Zealand Writers Guild is pleased to congratulate the recipients of the Second Round of Seed and Seed Advanced for 2018. NZWG would like to thank the New Zealand Film Commission for continually supporting New Zealand writers through the Seed and Seed Advanced grants.

The application rate for this round was excellent, with 94 Seed and 22 Seed Advanced applications received.

NZWG would like to thank assessors Karol Griffiths, Nancy Brunning and Hineani Melbourne for their time, expertise and care in reading and assessing all the applications. They implore applicants to continue working on their scripts and encourage writers to seek critical feedback and then use it to master their craft and push their story to its greatest potential

Thanks to all who participated in this round. The NZWG is excited and heartened by the level of creativity and writing craft on offer in New Zealand. The assessors remind applicants that reading the Seed and Seed Advanced Guidelines, removing all identifying details, proof reading, correct formatting of scripts and mastering application materials – logline, synopsis, treatment, and sample scripts – does convey craft, professionalism and understanding of the application process.

Top applicants in this round demonstrated an ability to present applications of the highest standard. Many of the top applications in the Seed and Seed Advanced pathways had entered the same project previously, and showed growth, development and perseverance in their works.

NZWG would like to encourage any writer to apply for Seed or Seed Advanced. We welcome your questions for the 2019 rounds of Seed.

Seed Advanced Recipients - Round 2 2018

Christopher Dudman - We will Not Cease The true story of how a humble New Zealand farmer, forced to the Western Front as punishment for his Conscientious Objection, is rehabilitated by a British Medical Officer and saved from execution for desertion.

Justin Harwood - The Letter A disenchanted, world-famous British actor, embroiled in gossip and marital controversy, secretly flees to a small seaside village in New Zealand to avoid the attention, only to be forced into a local community performance of Look Back In Anger to save his career.

Seed Recipients - Round 2 2018

Madeleine Sheahan - Seven Stars When Kenzie’s runaway mother turns up dead, the teenager discovers that the best way to lay someone to rest is to bring them to life.

Sima Urale - Solo A widow leaves things unsaid to her children, but it takes a runaway Chinese boy and the upcoming unveiling of her late husband for her to finally find strength to speak her truth.

Jeremiah Tauamiti - Garden City Nights 1990s in the idyllic 'Garden City' of New Zealand. Samasoni, a young Samoan man tries his best to keep his family together, as his older brother falls deeper and deeper into a world of racial violence, threatening to blow their family apart.

Mika Haka - Carmen In 1977 a blunt, open and honest drag queen becomes famous when she accidentally lets slip - on nationwide television that there are gays in NZs Parliament and loses everything.

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