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Welcome to the
New Zealand Writers Guild
Puni Taatuhi o Aotearoa
(09) 360 1408
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Who We Are

The New Zealand Writers Guild - Puni Taatuhi o Aotearoa is a professional association of script writers.


We represent the professional interests of writers in the fields of film, television, theatre, radio, comics and new media. NZWG members include most of the professional script writers working in New Zealand.

We are committed to working in a way that adheres to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

NZWG Board Members

For a list of bios click HERE

What We Do

Organise writers

Publish and provide information and advice to writers

Lobby government to improve conditions for writers

Represent writers with funding bodies and other industry organisations

Comment about matters pertinent to writers

Provide template contracts and agreements

Provide opportunities for skill development

Register intellectual property

Arbitrate on script credits

NZWG provides a full range of membership services.

Read more about our history...

Aims & Objectives

NZWG shall exist:

To protect, represent and further the interests of New Zealand writers;


To be the national and international voice of New Zealand writers;


To establish, maintain and improve minimum conditions of work and rates of compensation for writers;


To provide communication, negotiation, conciliation, arbitration, information and advisory services for the benefits of members in their relationships with employers, contractees, producers, other writers or anyone else in relation to their work;

To promote policy, legislation and legal and economic rights for the benefit of writers, including but not limited to the issues of copyright, moral rights and status of the artist;

Read more in our Constitution document...

What the Board Does

Accounts to members and funding bodies for the management of funds;

Formulates and writes the policy of NZWG and abide by this policy;

Monitors and controls the quality of services provided by NZWG;

Acts as a fair and equitable employer of the staff employed by NZWG in accordance with any relevant statutory requirements and best practice;

Negotiates and supervises national agreements and disputes;

Appoints representatives to other organisations.

About Us

Contact NZWG
Ph: (09) 360 1408

Postal: PO Box 47886, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144
Physical: Click Studios - 525 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland, 1026
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