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Kōpere Ake
Elevate Your Stories, Reach New Heights
Series Development Funding for Screenwriters
2024 DATES

OPENED | 4 April 2024

CLOSED | Midday 12pm 14 June 2024

GRANTS ANNOUNCED | 6 September 2024

Kōpere Ake: Elevate Your Stories, Reach New Heights. This series development fund is designed to break through the barriers faced by Aotearoa screenwriters. Those being insufficient time to craft and write material at the level of quality required to compete against international content. Kōpere Ake: Elevate Your Stories, Reach New Heights is creating pathways to help develop screenwriters and their stories, using the simple international formula: time + money + support.

NZWG in partnership with NZ on Air, has developed Kōpere Ake as a programme that will enable Aotearoa screenwriters to create high quality world-class scripted proposals. Giving screenwriters and their writing partners an opportunity to create an environment to take risks and expand on their skills in the development of high-quality stories for screen.

Premium scripted content development requires time and tailor-made support – one size, does not fit all.

Grants are for writers only and provide development funding for quality, premium series proposals and pilot script development.

Recipients of the 2023 round HERE

Kōpere Ake: Elevating Dreams, Empowering Writers!

Kōpere Ake Structure

In 2024, the Kōpere Ake one round with two grants will be available for writers or teams of writers to apply for.

Series Development Fund

  • Successful Recipient(s) (Writer, Co-Writers, Teams of Writers) will receive $35,000.00 (+ any applicable GST) development funding administered by NZOA

  • Successful Recipient(s) will also receive story development assistance to the value of $5,000.00 (+ any applicable GST) administered by NZWG. That could include, but is not limited to local or international:

    • Mentor, consultant, or advisor to assist in creating a premium series story proposal

    • Coaching and assistance to pitch and market their work

    • Additional writers to assist with story development tables

    • Any other craft or professional support to enable high quality story outcomes

Additional Support

Successful Recipients will also receive professional development assistance to the value of $2,000 (+ any applicable GST) administered by NZWG. That could include, but not limited to local or international:

  • Legal Fees to create writer-for-hire or other series contracts

  • Design Fees – towards the creation of the series proposal

  • Series Business development workshops or courses

  • Story Producer development workshops or courses

NZWG Support Offering

Successful Recipients will receive the following NZWG workshops:

  • Know Your Rights workshop – understanding rights assignments in series creation, learning to exploit this transaction

  • Contracting 101 workshop – understanding the functions of each type of agreement in the Chain of Title, and what should be in (and out) of these series agreements

  • Connection workshops with Producers, Production Companies, Commissioners, Broadcasters and Platforms

Tailoring the story development and professional development assistance per recipient(s) enables screenwriters to determine the best pathway for the project they are developing. Creating Great, not Good.

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With thanks to the

Irirangi te Motu NZ On Air

for their support. 

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