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NZWG Services

The Script Registration Service is open to anyone for original written works, establishing the ownership of original written works at the date registered.

Commonly registered works include scripts, screenplays, treatments, proposals for TV, film, new media, plays and documentary.

Recognised reciprocally among all members of the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds (IAWG).

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NZWG Script Assessment / Reader Service is to provides, professional, affordable and constructive script assessment for scriptwriters developing their own projects. Usable feedback is vital for the development of a script and worth investing in.

This service is administered by the NZWG and is available to NZWG members only. This is feedback by professional script assessors, for writers. This is strictly for scripts to which the writer retains the rights to.

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NZWG & SPADA have created a guide for screenwriters and producers working together.

The Best Practice Guide covers off some of the following topics to assist practitioners when establishing robust and successful creative collaborations. Download your copy for free today.

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The NZWG Library contains New Zealand’s most comprehensive collection of books, magazines, scripts and other materials related to script writing.

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All writers listed in Find A Writer are current Full Members* of NZWG. 


FULL MEMBERSHIP* is open to any qualified professional writer, employee or freelance, seeking admission who satisfies the requirements of full membership, and is designed for professional writers who have a writing credit:  credit requirements that must be satisfied for Full membership

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How a writer is engaged on a project is determined by the contract agreed between the parties. NZWG provides various model agreements and contract materials – these are available free of charge to members.

NZWG Minimum Rates Guide contains rates for all the major types of script based writing completed for the screen and for radio. 

NZWG holds a list of producers who are happy to accept unsolicited submissions from writers. The aim is to enhance professional access between writers and producers by making clear the required professional standards for the pitching process.

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A list of the core services that NZWG offers.

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