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NZWG. By writers, for writers.

NZWG is the only dedicated voice for screenwriters in the policy-making space in Aotearoa New Zealand – this is where the legislation, policies, and funding decisions that impact how we make our living are designed and implemented.

As individuals there is no way for us to help shape this policy but as a united group we can contribute to this process, it's vital that we do. There is power in numbers and knowledge. United, we're stronger. Informed, we're smarter. Legally protected, we're richer.


Over the decades, NZWG has contributed significantly to the formulation of policy. Without this work, the needs and priorities of screenwriters would not be represented and the resulting policies would not reflect and further our interests. With the right financial investment, policy setting and supportive legislative framework, we can take our stories to the world.


Please read the following recent submissions if you'd like to know what NZWG is doing for YOU today and what we plan to do in the future.


Screen Sector Briefing to Incoming Coalition Government


NZWG, alongside the screen sectors guild and industry organisations, created this briefing to the incoming government. Highlighting the screen industry as a vital pillar of the nation’s economy, culture, and global influence. 

Combined Screen Submission - Auckland City Council Proposed Budget 2023-2024


NZWG, alongside the screen sectors guild and industry organisations, submitted to Auckland City Council in opposition to the proposed budget 2023-2024.

NZ On Air Transitional Strategy 2023-2024 - NZWG Submission


NZWG responds to the proposed transitional strategy NZ On Air for the 2023-2024 year. As we all adjust to the domestic funding landscape goes through a period of uncertainty with the ANZPME.

NZFC Proposed EDF Setting Changes - NZWG Submission


This NZWG feedback was delivered to NZFC in response to the proposed Setting Changes to EDF. Notably the proposed change to reintroduce the ability for Writers and Directors to apply to EDF without a Producer attached.

Long Term Insights Briefing - Ministry of Culture and Heritage 


This briefing addresses how screenwriters can better contribute to the future economic and cultural wellbeing of Aotearoa. 

Simplifying New Zealand qualifications & other credentials - NZQA - NZWG Submission


This submission is an important part of the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE).

Premium Development Fund - NZFC, NZ on Air, Te Mangai Paho


This screenwriter directed feedback on the development portion of the Covid relief funding, as provided by the government to the screen industry.

Living Standards Framework 2019 - Treasury


This submission to Treasury is in support of introducing a fifth capital of culture into the Living Standards Framework (LSF).

NZWG Election Special - Political Parties Respond to Screenwriters


NZWG put a series of questions to all political parties about a range of issues that impact on the screen industry.  

NZWG Election Special - Political Party Respond to Screenwriters


NZWG, asked the political parties* a series of election related questions. We hope these questions and responses help you to make informed voting decisions at this years general election.

Proposed Changes to NZSPG - NZWG Submission


NZWG responds to MBIE and MCH on how the New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG) settings could be updated to help increase the value of government investment.

Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Bill - NZWG Submission


NZWG supports the intent behind the Bill, and the creation of a public media entity that is committed to its stated objectives. However, the Bill has several critical areas, that to NZWG, seem to be missing.

Living Standards Framework 2021 - Treasury


A joint Screen Industry Guilds submission to The Treasury on culture being recognised as its own wealth within the Living Standards Framework 2021.

Te Pūkenga Operating Model - NZWG Submission


This submission is about the proposed Te Pūkenga operating model. NZWG is seeking higher visibility for screenwriters within current NZQA / ANZIC codes, and welcome a flexible, learner-centric approach, with more pathways to vocational training.

Screen Industry Workers Bill - Submission to Select Committee


This submission to the Education and Workforce Select Committee in support of the Screen Industry Workers Bill.

NZWG Election Special - Political Parties Respond to Screenwriters


NZWG asked a series of six questions of each political party running in this year's general election, and offered them all an opportunity to deliver a message directly to screenwriters.

Copyright Act Review Issues Paper


This is the official submission by the New Zealand Writers Guild on the review of the copyright Act 1994, Issues Paper.

NZWG Submission - Review of New Zealand Film Commission 


This is the official submission by the New Zealand Writers Guild on the review of the New Zealand Film Commission.


NZWG / IAWG / FSE Position Paper AI


IAWG and FSE have agreed on this  position paper to address the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence.

Screen Sector Strategy 2030


This high-level strategy sought to offer a unified view of what Aotearoa New Zealand’s screen sector might look like in 10 years’ time.

Review of the NZ Film Commission


Commonly termed the "Jackson / Court Review". This much heralded and referenced review was delivered to Hon Chris Finlayson, MP Minister for Art, Culture & Heritage in June 2021.

IAWG Shared Principals - Local Negotiations with Global Streamers


IAWG and FSE have agreed to a set of basic principles which will inform our campaigns to protect our members’ interests in their contractual relationships with global streaming companies.

Film Industry Working Group Recommendations


The Government convened the Film Industry Working Group in January 2018. Tasked with creating recommendations on how to enable film industry workers to bargain collectively.

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