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The intention of the NZWG Script Assessment / Reader Service is to provide prompt, professional, affordable and constructive script assessment for scriptwriters developing their own projects. Feedback is vital for the development of a script and worth investing in.


This service is administered by the NZWG and is available to NZWG members only. This is feedback by professional script assessors, for writers. This is strictly for scripts to which the writer retains the rights.

We have a strong team of experienced assessors who are all keen and ready for your scripts. These assessors remain anonymous, to ensure that no direct correspondence is entered into. The NZWG rates are well below industry standard rates. We are lucky that assessors are willing to work for this fee in support of the NZWG to advance the professional standards of writers.

Cost per script:

Long Form: $368 (incl. GST)

Short Form (short film or treatment): $253 (incl. GST)

Members: To submit a script for Assessment, log in via the button at the top right of this page.

Non--Members: Script Assessment is a member-only service. To submit a script for Assessment, first Sign Up as a NZWG Member via the button at the top right of this page. You can then order a Script Assessment.

Turn-a-round time

We aim for a maximum turn-around of three weeks from date of payment or submission of material (whichever is later). The NZWG will communicate where a delay locating a suitable assessor is anticipated. The writer may withdraw the assessment request and receive a refund up until the time the script is passed on to the assessor.

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