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Bringing Writers, Directors & Actors together.

Writers & Directors hear their feature film script performed live by professional actors.


NZWG, DEGANZ & Equity offering Virtual Table Reads for 2024.

Table Read One: 24 February 2024

Submit Scripts by 16 February 2024

Table Read Two: 18 May 2024

Submit scripts by 10 May 2024

Table Read Three: 17 August 2024

Submit scripts by 7 August 2024

Table Read Four: 16 November 2024

Submit scripts by 6 November 2024

Table Reads

Six actors, a writer and director team or a writer/director will work together for a virtual TABLE READ of a feature film script. These feature film scripts must have undergone some prior development work.


Writers must be a member of NZWG

Directors must be a member of DEGANZ

Actors must be a member of Equity NZ

Note - once your script is in the draw, it will remain there for the next draws. If you are not selected for the currrent Table Read, you may still be selected next time.

  1. Virtual Table Read: A virtual table read is when actors perform a script together with a Writer and a Director, via an online video call.

  2. The Script Has Undergone Prior Development: This indicates that the script has already undergone some level of refinement or development work. It's not in its initial stages but has been worked on to some extent to improve its quality or clarity.

  3. Actors: Refers to the actors who will be involved in the Table Read. There will be a maximum of six actors in each read.

  4. Writer and Director Team OR a Writer/Director: This refers to the creative team behind the script. There are two options:

  • Writer and Director Team: This means there will be both a writer and a director working together on the script and the project.

  • Writer/Director: This indicates that the same person serves as both the writer and the director for the project. In this case, one individual wears both hats.

How to Apply


Writers and Director Teams or Writer/Director

Apply HERE



Apply HERE

A Joint Initiative brought to you by:
NZWG, DEGANZ & Equity NZ  
With warm thanks to the New Zealand Film Commission

Past Table Reads

Table Read Date

18 May 2024

18 November 23

19 August 23

17 June 23

1 April 23

5 November 22

13 August 22


28 May 22

12 March 22

20 November 21

18 September 21

3 July 21

15 May 21

14 November 20

8 August 20

16 May 20

30 November 19



18 May 19

23 February 19

10 November 18



18 August 2018

19 May 2018



24 Feb 2018


9 Dec 2017

8 Jul 2017

13 May 2017

11 Mar 2017

5 Nov 2016

6 Aug 2016

30 Apr 2016


William McKegg

Nick Ward

David Gunson

Rafa Yam


Alex De Vries

David Hay



Bob Moore


Aruna Po-Ching

Kelly Kilgour

Rebecca Tansley



Alex Galvin

Daryl Belbin



Tim Tsiklauri

Fiona McKenzie

Alex Lodge



Nick Ward

Linda Niccol



Jason DeBoer



Tim Tsiklauri



Rochelle Bright



Dean Hewison & Richard Falkner

Siobhan Marshall & Anna Nuria Francino


Cian Elyse White



Catherine Bisley

Michele Powels & Alyx Duncan

Pip Hall

Kirsten Gauthier & Lee Tolley

Paula Jones

Joe Lonie

Barbara Sumner (Sumner Burstyn)


William McKegg

Josh Frizzell

David Gunson

Rafa Yam

Alex De Vries

David Hay

Kath Akuhata-Brown

Aruna Po-Ching

David Stubbs

Rebecca Tansley

Alex Galvin

Anton Steel



Tim Tsiklauri

Fiona McKenzie



Alex Lodge

Kath Akuhata-Brown

Linda Niccol



Jason DeBoer

Tim Tsiklauri

Zoe McIntosh



Dean Hewison







Cian Elyse


Catherine Bisley

Alyx Duncan

Peter Burger

Kirsten Gauthier

Paula Jones

Joe Lonie

Thomas Burstyn

Script Title


Every Day is Christmas Eve


For Thom


The High Road



You Know You

Got It





Before the Darkness




A Lake with no Name


The Card Game







Love Forty

Petrol Head



Tough Crowd







Daddy's Girl



The Underwood


The Last Caribou

Sins of the Mother


How to Make a Baby


Bruce Hopkins, Monika Alden, Rupert Green, Serena Cotton, Miles Muir, Anna Lee

Laura Hill, Hamish Boyle, Paul Ballard, April Phillips, Steve Barr, Stephen Papps

Vanessa Rhodes, Hamish Boyle, Jeff Szusterman, Bruce Hopkins, David Ciurlionis, Bethany Miller

Amy Cotter, Alaina Wilks, Zac O'Meagher, Isla Sangl, Kate Laidler, Prashanth Gunasekaran

Becky Kuek, Sahil Arora, Hamish Boyle, Florence Hartigan, Talia Hazelwood, Renee Sheridan

Kalyani Nagarajan, Mark Matthews, Olivia Monks, Meg Sydenham, Matt Wilson, Alice May Connolly

Tim Carlsen, Claire Chittham, Esmee Myers, Hamish Boyle, Matt Ruglys, Chloe Brash

Romy Hooper, Esmee Myers, Keporah Torrance, Becky Kuek, Hamish Boyle, Kirsty Bruce


Peter Feeney, Grant Roa, Jamie McCaskill,

Romy Hooper, Timmie Cameron, Grace Feltham-Roa

Kirsty Hamilton, Ella Hope-Higginson, Kirsty Bruce,

Caleb Wells, Maté Lagae, Chantal Claret

Tim Carlsen, Helen Murphy-Reid, Tai Berdinner-Blades, Frith Horan, Mark Clare

Grant Beban, Stephen Lyell, Tim Carlson, James Crompton, Jodie Hillock, Stephen Papps

Hilary Norris, Hamish Boyle, Jamie Irvine, Mate Lagae, Jo Clark

Amy Bowie, Annica Lewis, Loren Black, Amalia Calder, Tim MacDonald, Joseph Cooper

Haydn Carter, Carisse Utai, Marilyn Ollett, Jonathan Briden, Sherry Zhang, Dryw McArthur

Hilary Norris, Lawrence Wharerau, Will Hall, Steven Lovatt, Stephen Butterworth, Claire Chitham, Victoria Abbott

Tim Carlson, Clare Marcie, Jamie Irvine, Ryan Dulieu, Jocelyn Christian, Ashleigh Hook

Fiona Armstrong, Kirsty Bruce, Lucy Wigmore, Ariki Erby, Jonathan James, Mana Davis

David Capstick, Serena Cotton, Jamie Irvine, Ruth Wyne, Simon Ward


Alex Ellis, Genevieve Kent, Melissa Lawlor, Ana Corbett, Neill Rea, Caleb Wells 


James Roque, Keporah Torrence, Lucy Wigmore, Greg Smith, Olivia Mahood, James Crompton

Aaron Ward, Antonia Prebble, Serena Cotton, Donogh Rees, Jeff Szusterman, Dan Musgrove



William Davis, Romy Hooper, Simone Walker, Laura Hill



Ella Gilbert, Claire Chitham, Romy Hooper, Mel Odedra, Joe Dekkers-Reihana, Neill Rea

Sarah McLeod, Romy Hooper, Stuart Shacklock, James Crompton, Lucas Haugh, Renee Sheridan

Renee Lyons, Tim Carlsen, Shoshana McCullum, Luanne Gordon, Joel Toebeck, Colin Moy

Miryam Jacobi, Romy Hooper, Jarrred Blakiston, Colin Moy, Neill Rea, Genevieve McClean

Brenda Kendall, Kimo Houltham, Krystal-Lee Brown, Tahei Simpson, Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho, Barry de Lore

Peter Elliot, Aidee Walker, Morgan Albrecht, Anapela Polataivao, Dominic Ona-Ariki, Italia Hunt

Neill Rea, Steven Lovatt, Lucy Wigmore, Ban Abdul, Renee Sheridan

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