Table Reads

Bringing Writers, Directors & Actors together

2020 Table Reads

Table Read #1

Open: 7 April

Close: 8 May

Virtual Read: Sat 16 May

Table Read #2

Open: 29 June

Close: 24 July

Table Read: Sat 8 August

Table Read #3

Open: 21 September

Close: 23 October

Table Read: Sat 31 October


A core cast – max six actors – together with a writer & director team OR writer/director will collaborate on each script-in-development table read.

The script must have a director attached and have been through a development process.

Three Table Reads per year on Saturdays.


How to submit:
WRITER & DIRECTOR* (OR WRITER/DIRECTOR) – Submit Script via Email to - Please check these details before you enter:

*Both must be a member(s) of NZWG & DEGNZ.
   - A solo Writer/Director must be a member of both NZWG & DEGNZ. 
   - In a Writer/director team, the Writer must be a member of NZWG, AND the Director must be a member of DEGNZ. 

   When you enter, please include this information:
        - name of writer and if they belong to NZWG

        - name of director, and if they belong to DEGNZ

NZWG members are invited to apply for the script component. 

Submit full-length draft feature film script for your name to go into the draw for a day-long table read (names remain for subsequent draws).

ACTORS - Link once Table Read #2 2020 opens.


A Joint Initiative brought to you by:
With warm thanks to the New Zealand Film Commission


With the virtual world now our workplace, NZWG and DEGNZ are once again offering a Virtual Table Read for our October TR. The T&Cs as per our usual TR apply as below.

Please note that this is a new draw for 2020, so if you already had a screenplay entered please submit it again below. As this is an online TR through Zoom, please be aware that the screenplay will be supplied as a pdf only. If you are not able to print this out at home, you may need another screen to view it on during the Read.

Actors who would like to take part in a Table Read from the comfort of their own homes can apply here.

Writers and directors who would like to enter their screenplay in the draw for this TR please submit it below or here.

As our May and August Virtual Table Reads were so successful, NZWG and DEGNZ are excited to run the next one, and look forward to receiving your submissions!

Past Table Reads

Table Read Date

16 May 20

30 November 19



18 May 19

23 February 19

10 November 18



18 August 2018

19 May 2018



24 Feb 2018


9 Dec 2017

8 Jul 2017

13 May 2017

11 Mar 2017

5 Nov 2016

6 Aug 2016

30 Apr 2016

Writer Name(s)

Nick Ward

Linda Niccol



Jason DeBoer



Tim Tsiklauri



Rochelle Bright



Dean Hewison & Richard Falkner

Siobhan Marshall & Anna Nuria Francino


Cian Elyse White



Catherine Bisley

Michele Powels & Alyx Duncan

Pip Hall

Kirsten Gauthier & Lee Tolley

Paula Jones

Joe Lonie

Barbara Sumner (Sumner Burstyn)


Kath Akuhata-Brown

Linda Niccol



Jason DeBoer

Tim Tsiklauri

Zoe McIntosh



Dean Hewison







Cian Elyse


Catherine Bisley

Alyx Duncan

Peter Burger

Kirsten Gauthier

Paula Jones

Joe Lonie

Thomas Burstyn

Script Title

The Card Game







Love Forty

Petrol Head



Tough Crowd







Daddy's Girl



The Underwood


The Last Caribou

Sins of the Mother


How to Make a Baby


Hilary Norris, Lawrence Wharerau, Will Hall, Steven Lovatt, Stephen Butterworth, Claire Chitham, Victoria Abbott

Tim Carlson, Clare Marcie, Jamie Irvine, Ryan Dulieu, Jocelyn Christian, Ashleigh Hook

Fiona Armstrong, Kirsty Bruce, Lucy Wigmore, Ariki Erby, Jonathan James, Mana Davis

David Capstick, Serena Cotton, Jamie Irvine, Ruth Wyne, Simon Ward


Alex Ellis, Genevieve Kent, Melissa Lawlor, Ana Corbett, Neill Rea, Caleb Wells 


James Roque, Keporah Torrence, Lucy Wigmore, Greg Smith, Olivia Mahood, James Crompton

Aaron Ward, Antonia Prebble, Serena Cotton, Donogh Rees, Jeff Szusterman, Dan Musgrove



William Davis, Romy Hooper, Simone Walker, Laura Hill



Ella Gilbert, Claire Chitham, Romy Hooper, Mel Odedra, Joe Dekkers-Reihana, Neill Rea

Sarah McLeod, Romy Hooper, Stuart Shacklock, James Crompton, Lucas Haugh, Renee Sheridan

Renee Lyons, Tim Carlsen, Shoshana McCullum, Luanne Gordon, Joel Toebeck, Colin Moy

Miryam Jacobi, Romy Hooper, Jarrred Blakiston, Colin Moy, Neill Rea, Genevieve McClean

Brenda Kendall, Kimo Houltham, Krystal-Lee Brown, Tahei Simpson, Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho, Barry de Lore

Peter Elliot, Aidee Walker, Morgan Albrecht, Anapela Polataivao, Dominic Ona-Ariki, Italia Hunt

Neill Rea, Steven Lovatt, Lucy Wigmore, Ban Abdul, Renee Sheridan

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