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The Business of Writing

NZWG has always advocated minimum rates and conditions for the writing of film, television, theatre, radio and other forms of script based writing. For more info click here.

How a writer is engaged on a project is determined by the contract agreed between the parties. NZWG provides various model agreements and contract materials – these are available free of charge to members.

For information on what copyright means, how long it lasts in New Zealand and overseas, what the exceptions to copyright are and more, click here.

Writers receive credits for the writing they have completed on any works. These credits are assigned, with agreement of the writer, by the Producer and are laid out in the Writers Agreement. For more information, click here.

The place where NZWG shares pearls of wisdom for staying healthy while working all day at a desk! Read more here...

Click here for business and tax information for independent contractors.

Click here for answers to some of the questions most frequently asked of NZWG.

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